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About me
car fanatik
silviuks - 1 week ago

This is What Happened to My McLaren Senna!

I hoped this day would never come but sadly it has and it's important to be open and honest with you. On the M25 motorway outside of London unfortunately there was a incident between my McLaren Senna and a truck and here's what happened. The most important thing is that nobody was hurt in the accident, it happened at approximately 20-25mph in a speed limit controlled 40mph zone of the motorway. (The M25 is mostly a 'Smart Motorway' where the limits automatically lower when it detects congestion). I was in lane 2 of the stop and go traffic (one of the 2 exit lanes) and a truck that was in lane 3 (of the 3 continuing M25 lanes) moved from my right into my lane where the Senna was hidden in his blind spot and the first thing I knew was the crunch as the contact was made to the right hand side of the car from the door to the back. The result has been some mostly cosmetic damage to a number of body panels including the door, rear quarter panel, and the wing. Along with those there are parts like the mirror cap, door window glass and the wheel but fortunately it seems like nothing mechanical or to do with how it drives so these are things that can easily be repaired. At this stage I ask you to please be patient with me for updates, this will no doubt be quite a lengthy process with the silver-lining that next week I head to the USA and will be there for 2 months by which time I hope things are back up and running. The insurance company are being fantastic and looking after everything I could ask for at this stage and I can only leave it in their hands going forwards as the car is already now back with McLaren. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:
silviuks - 3 months ago
next level parking
silviuks - 3 months ago

I BOUGHT A FERRARI! Collecting My New GTC4Lusso V12

It's here! The day has arrived to pick up the new V12 addition to my garage, a stunning Ferrari GTC4Lusso in TDF Blue! Let's head to Bramley's in the 675LT Spider on a lovely day to take delivery of the new car that's going to almost immediately embark on some big adventures. Kicking off from the garage, the car of choice for the outing is the purple McLaren having not had many run-outs recently but also with a big connection back to the previous Ferrari in my garage, my well loved FF from all of the tours the two cars did together. The weather for picking up a new car could not be better and we head via some tunnels to Bramley Motor Cars to pick up the very car I went to visit a week prior in my Ford GT but kept under wraps until all was ready and set for it to become the newest Shmeemobile. The car in question is one that I've made no secret in recent years I have been very keen to add to the garage as the natural successor to the Ferrari FF. This particularly car has quite a story to it though; the previous one owner from new is the very chap who bought my Cerulean Blue 675LT Coupe from me which he still has to this day - a bit of a car swap almost! I've actually therefore known the story of this car all the way through, from spec, to delivery, and until now so it took me all of a matter of minutes to decide that this was going to be the one. Of course it's a GTC4Lusso with the 6.3l V12 - a critical part of my decision to move for one as opposed to the V8 T. The spec is loaded to the max with Tour de France Blu paintwork, diamond cut wheels with red calipers, the black painted roof section, Scuderia shields, Italian flag on bootlid, and all the available exterior carbon fibre: side sills, splitter and fender louvres. On the inside it's Nero leather with Blue accents armed with blue stitching, Cavallino embroidery and touches throughout. Again all of the carbon fibre you could want with the centre console, carbon LED driver zone and more to combine with the high level of technology. Of interesting note is that it was also specced with the matching Ferrari luggage set consisting of 4 trolley bags to fit the boot. With one substantial benefit of buying a lightly used car, given it's already run in, what could be better than going straight away for the first drive to enjoy the V12 revving up over 8,000rpm! The next stop is then back to the garage ahead of getting things ready for heading off to the Netherlands for IAMS where the new GTC4Lusso and other Shmeemobiles will be on display for you to see. I cannot say thank you enough to Bramley's who were absolutely fantastic throughout. The purchasing experience genuinely could not have been better; no fuss, great communication, super smooth and all around amazing place to purchase from. If you're interested in seeing more you can find them at: Another exciting aspect is to have purchased the car through Shmee150 Finance, Powered by Harrington Finance, and gone through the motions since the introduction last month: Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:

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